WIKA Pressure, Temperature Gauges & Calibration Instruments

WIKA Pressure Gauges : Bourdon Tube Pressure Gauge - Copper Alloy & Stainless Steel, Liquid Filled Gauges, Diaphragm Pressure Gauge, Test Gauges, Capsule Pressure Gauges, Differential Pressure Gauges, Absolute Pressure Gauges, Digital Pressure Gauges, Process Transmitters, Pressure Sensors, IntelliGauge, Pressure Gauges with output signal, Contact Pressure Gauges, Cella Pressure Switches, Sensor Assemblies and Modules, Diaphragm Seals and Accessories, Valves and Protective devices, Electrical Accessories.

• WIKA Temperature Gauges : Dial Thermometers - Bimetal Thermometers, Machine Glass Thermometers, Expansion Thermometers, Gas-Actuated Thermometers, Thermomanometers, Dial Thermometers with Output Signal Digital Indicators, Thermocouples, Resistance Thermometers, Temperature Transmitters, Temperature Switches, Thermometers with Switch Contacts, Temperature Controllers, Thermowells and Accessories

• WIKA Level Gauges : Bypass Level Indicators, Sight glass Level Indicator, Submersible pressure sensors, Continuous measurement with float, Float Switches, Optoelectronic Switches and Accessories

• WIKA Force Transducers and Load Cells : Force Transducers, Load Cells

• WIKA Flow Measurement Instruments and Flow Switches

• WIKA Calibration Instruments : Hand-helds, Calibrators, Precision pressure measuring Instruments, Pressure Controllers, Pressure Balances, Portable Pressure Generation, Reference Thermometers, Calibration baths, Portable Temperature Calibrators, Resistance Thermometry Bridges, Electrical Calibration Instruments, Accessories

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